Saturday, April 21, 2012

The dream of the Prophet عليه السلام

بـسـم الله والحـمـد لله والـصلاة والـسـلام عــلى رسـول الله، وبـعـد

Narrated Anas ibn Maalik رضي الله عنه: Allaah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

رأيت ذات ليلة ، فيما يرى النائم ، كأنا في دار عقبة بن رافع . فأتينا برطب من رطب ابن طاب . فأولت الرفعة لنا في الدنيا والعاقبة في الآخرة . وأن ديننا قد طاب

“I saw during the night that which a person sees during the sleep (i.e. a dream) as if we are in the house of `Uqbah ibn Raafi` that there was brought to us the fresh Ratab dates (from the fields) of Ibn Taab. I interpreted it as: the sublimity for us in the world and good ending in the Hereafter and that our religion is good.”

[Saheeh Muslim (5647)]

Meaning of the words:

عقبة [`Uqbah]: The root word is عاقب [`Aaqib] which means: end, next, subsequent, succeeding.

رافع [Raafi`]: The root word رفع [Raf`] means: to raise, to lift. And رفعة [Rif`ah] means: sublimity, highness, loftiness, superiority, exaltedness etc.

رطب [Ratab]: A type of dates (see picture below).

طاب [Taab]: to become good, pleasant, to become sweet. The dates of Ibn Taab were famous. The attribution here is to Ibn Taab who was a man from the people of Madeenah.

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